Business Strategy & Planning - Sample Engagements

  • Developed strategic business plan for an Internet Protocol-communications start-up focusing on VoIP and related services.  Served as interim Chief Marketing Officer identifying and specifying initial product offerings, marketing the company’s Intellectual Property, and managing business development efforts with both service provider and software/hardware vendor partners.

  • Led team that critiqued strategic business plan for wireless Operations Support System software provider.  Re-evaluated addressable markets, identified gaps, proposed merger and acquisition candidates, and provided an independent review of the final merger candidate.  Return engagement one year later critiqued plan implementations, reorganized engineering teams and recommended risk reduction strategies.
  • For a major worldwide software vendor, worked with its consulting practice to establish a vertical telecommunications practice.  Based on client’s major core competen­cies, identified basic opportunities within the telecommunications segment, and defined initial customer care product offerings, methodologies and procedures. Helped determine delivery strategy (i.e., whether to make (develop), buy (purchase supplier) or resell (from partners) the required product elements).