Intellectual PropertyEvaluation & Licensing- Sample Engagements

  • Identified high-tech intellectual property with commercial potential for a majorAsian research institute, and developed strategies for the licensing the commercially viable intellectual property to the most desirable licensees. Developed commercialization strategywith essential intellectual property for audio and video standards in cluding MPEG. Considerations included identifying applications, developing market revenue models, identifying potential licensees and proposing licensing strategies including paid-up licenses and patent pooling.
  • Helped createa "first-of-its-kind” intellectual property licensing pool comprising several consumer electronics giants, major telecommunications corporations and leading research universities. Intellectual propertybeing licensed,including MPEG technologies, are used in goods and services in generating in excess of $100B revenue annually.
  • Analyzed intellectual property (issued patents) for applications outside core business of major patent generating corporation. Recommended marketing strategy that has resulted in 15 times expected revenue from other fields-of-use licensing.
  • Worked with major university to combine intellectual property from several institutions as a way to increase the total market potential of the combined properties. Partner institutions included bothU.S.and international universities and non-profit research institutions.