Product Management & Requirements - Sample Engagements

  • Developed detailed specifications for an intelligent work delivery system for a major inter-exchange carrier. The goal was to deliver the right job to the right person at the right time within a central office (CO) environment by taking into account work load, priorities, network equipment type, job type, skill sets, skill ratings, craft availability, etc. Constrained by existing procedures so that processes had to migrate over time. Complexity covered reducing over 700 CO procedures and interfacing with 12+ legacy systems, while evolving to a TMN-compliant implementation. The system also had to interface to "personnel” systems to automatically obtain or update technician schedules, skills, overtime pay and other technician data.
  • Prepared business plans and technical requirements for several international telecommunications transmission equipment manufacturers entering the Products included ATM switches, DSLAMs and SONET/DWDM muxes. Work covered all major elements including technology evaluation, market and competitive analyses, product definitions, R&D plans, marketing plans, sales plans, ser­vice/support plans, P&L forecasts and risk analyses. Product requirements were validated in the marketplace through one-on-one customer interviews and focus groups.
  • Instructor with Sequent Learning Networks. Provide clients with training and consulting services inproduct management and marketing covering essential organizational structures, definitions, work flows, practices, and processes required for managing and marketing products/services through their entire life cycle.